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BP9 Rise Comment And Link on RILS



Have been trying to show your kids how to save money? Are you, yourself struggling to keep up with your bills? Are you upset because you can’t seem to save money to take your family places? If you answer to any of these questions is yes, please check out Ballin’ On a Budget-Affording Life, by Tanya Evon Jones.

If you are looking for a lightweight vector editor you should check out Ryan Demater’s blog post on Basic Vector Graphics 1. He introduces Mikon, and briefly explains how it works.  Don’t worry if you do not like to read through a lot of text, it is a video post for all you skimmers. Even if you aren’t trying to be a professional it is real insightful so check it out.


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BP8 RILS Reflection


Sorry guys I actually loved the course, my AHHHHHHHHHHH, was because I am late doing this part of the assignment. One thing I would honestly change is trying to work, be an entrepreneur and go to school all at the same time. Because of this your time management skills need to be exceptional, not just average. But I did manage to turn most of the assignments in on time and do some pretty good work along the way.

This is an exceptional course and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance. Learning how to blog and create good content is essential for anyone doing business online. O, feel like I moved out of one program at Full Sail and into another one that only enhanced the last training I received. I learned about how to make my text stand out. I learned how to edit videos in iMovie, almost becoming a pro. I learned how to add pages to your site and move around in WordPress.

If I had it to do all over again, I would try and go to all of the live Wimba sessions. I only got to attend one and I am extremely sorry. I think going to those sessions prepared with questions about the week’s assignments is the best way to succeed. I learned that I am no longer a procrastinator even though it may not seem like it. I worked very hard to receive the best grades I could. Overall this was an amazing course and I cannot wait to see what is next. Thanks professor, thanks Full Sail.


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BP7 RILS, The SEO Doctor, Publication & Video

Learner Reflection 















SEO Doctor

Marcus Howling

Full Sail University

June 9, 2012

The SEO doctor introduces Google AdWords, while encouraging learners to open an account and begin research. You will learn what Keywords are, how to research them and gain an understanding of the impact they can have on your search rankings.

Target Audience

My learners will be anyone who is doing business online or trying to drive traffic to a website. More than likely they will own their own business and in most cases be out of high school.


  • Computer
  • Google Adwords Account
  • List Of Industry Terms/Products


  • Computer
  • Google Adwords Account
  • List Of Industry Terms/Products
  • Something to take notes


  1. Provide you with a brief example of how I can help your company drive traffic to your website.
  2. Help me acquire an Internet Marketing/SEO Contract position by convincing you to pay my company for their services.
  3. Help me acquire an Internet Marketing/SEO position at a firm willing to pay top dollar.


  1. Create an account or sign into Google AdWords.
  2. Open an excel sheet and in the first tab write in bold keyword data.
  3. Create a template that looks like the picture below.
  4. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to search you word/phrases.
  5. Enter the information into your database.
  6. Copy information from your database to your Google Doc template.
  7. The instructor will give their final recommendations and prepare the student for the next step in the process.

 Emerging Technology

Google AdWords is a tool that helps you research keywords and build pay-per-click ads that help drive traffic and improve your rankings.

Social Participation/Social Learning

The learners will upload their keywords to Google docs and have someone critique their choices and give recommendations on how they should continue. The goal here is to see what others felt were unique keywords to them and how they plan to implement them into their overall content.

Making Connections

  • Previous Knowledge –Anyone who does business online knows how the Internet can impact his or her business in a positive or negative way. What they will
  • Relevance- What they will learn here is how to take information of their business or industry and turn it into keyword rich content that could help drive traffic to their site.
  • Audience – The final step that will be learned in the next segment is how to take this information and translate it into pay-per-click ads and blog post to help communicate messages with their audience.


First the learner will create a Google AdWords Account. Then learner is creating relevant Keywords and Phrases that can be incorporated into their websites codes, adds and content that can help drive traffic and increase their overall search rankings.

Assessment Rubric

Rubric Completed Incomplete
Keyword/Phrase List Student completed a list consisting of 8-10 Keywords or Phrases. Student did not complete list or it was incomplete
Created AdWords Account Student created a Google AdWords account. Student did not create a AdWords account.
Excel Database Student filled in all required data for their keyword-spread sheet. Student did not include all data required for assignment.
Update Google Docs Student updated their data to the Google doc provided. Student did not input their data into the provided Google document




Name: __________________________________   Age: ___________________________________

Reason For Taking Lesson: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What Information Did You Learn?


Was The Information Valuable To You?  Yes_____  No _____

What Skills Did You Learn?


Were skills valuable?  Yes_____  No _____

What did you think abut the AdWords Tool?


Was the tool easy to use and understand? Yes_______ No _________


Why Did People Say They Contacted You?


Did they feel like the information was valuable? Yes ______  No  _______

What did they say about the information?


What did they say about the skills they learned?


What did they think about the AdWords tool?



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PE 3 iMovie

Congratulations to Marcus Howling for completing his iMovie ’11 Essential Training. As you can see from the image below I received a certificate after watching the whole 3 hour and 28 minute video, what a way to spend my week. No worries, it was well worth it. I know it seems a little lame that I am shouting myself out in a educational blog, but hey, its good to toot your own horn every once in a while. This week I’ll leave you with transcripts from a lesson I learned and of course links so you can join Lynda and start your training.

I chose to upload my videos to my desktop and then upload them to Vimeo. Then I watched the tutorial and learned that I could simply upload my video directly from iMovie to different sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Proving that the tutorials definitely do work. I definitely recommend iMovie ’11 Essential Training.


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BP6 SpyFu

After creating an AdWords account and researching keywords, you will want to take it a step further. SpyFu, is a SEO tool that allows you to research what your competitors keywords are and their ad history. Watch the video on this SpyFu link and learn more. Today you are going to learn how to spy on your competitors and see what websites rank high on Google search.

Simply go to spyfu, and create a user account. Unlike most tools, this is not free but it is well worth it.  After you add money to your account and buy credits, simply click on a tab and begin to research keywords and your competitors. It would be much easier for you to take a tour and let the website explain exactly what they have to offer. Besides, the purpose of this website is to show off my skills without giving my competitors too much information. Happy spying, and remember the first step to business is knowing the competition.

What you are viewing below is a screen shot of the type of data you can collect on this website. If you want to learn more about cost associated with this site go to SpyFu now.

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BP4 [RISE Comment and Link]

Recently I was looking for a interactive platform where I could collaborate with clients and work on projects without traveling to their office. Then I stumbled across Ryan Dematera’s MFA blog and found out about Moodshare. If you are looking for a way to share and collaborate with clients or team members you have to check out this blog to find out more about Moodshare.

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BP3 [RISE Comment and Link]

Have you been looking for a way to make animated videos to promote your business or keep your students interested? I know I have been, and recently I read a fellow classmates blog and I was blown away.  Anthony Mangiafico recently introduced Xtranormal to his blogging community and I have to say it is a fascinating tool for anyone interested in creating an animated video for fun, promotion or the classroom. Check out The Champion of The Underdog and find out more about this wonderful program.



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