BP1 iGoogle PLE

Have you been looking for a one stop community where you can check all your favorite sites at once? If you are trying to limit the amount of browsing or surfing you do on the Internet, Google has the perfect platform for you. Below you will find screen shots of my IGoogle home page, which has become my Internet browser homepage and you will find out why as you continue reading this post.

The screen shot below is of my IGoogle homepage and as you can see I have my Facebook, Twitter, and stocks and quotes from Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. Learning about IGoogle and how to use it has saved me a lot of hassle, and searching. I can check my email, the weather, Youtube and even translate Spanish to English all from one place, IGoogle!

As you can see in the screen shot below  you can have multiple personal tabs with different themes and looks. You can name each tab separately and organize everything you love into one online folder. My second page contains Boxes that are all named differently, containing a link that takes you to a page you stored at the click of a mouse. I will admit, setting up all of your information into these separate categories is a little time consuming, but once it is finished your internet home page becomes a one stop shop.


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