PE 3 iMovie

Congratulations to Marcus Howling for completing his iMovie ’11 Essential Training. As you can see from the image below I received a certificate after watching the whole 3 hour and 28 minute video, what a way to spend my week. No worries, it was well worth it. I know it seems a little lame that I am shouting myself out in a educational blog, but hey, its good to toot your own horn every once in a while. This week I’ll leave you with transcripts from a lesson I learned and of course links so you can join Lynda and start your training.

I chose to upload my videos to my desktop and then upload them to Vimeo. Then I watched the tutorial and learned that I could simply upload my video directly from iMovie to different sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Proving that the tutorials definitely do work. I definitely recommend iMovie ’11 Essential Training.



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  1. Mr. Fisher

    Congrats Marcus. #runwithus

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