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BP8 RILS Reflection


Sorry guys I actually loved the course, my AHHHHHHHHHHH, was because I am late doing this part of the assignment. One thing I would honestly change is trying to work, be an entrepreneur and go to school all at the same time. Because of this your time management skills need to be exceptional, not just average. But I did manage to turn most of the assignments in on time and do some pretty good work along the way.

This is an exceptional course and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance. Learning how to blog and create good content is essential for anyone doing business online. O, feel like I moved out of one program at Full Sail and into another one that only enhanced the last training I received. I learned about how to make my text stand out. I learned how to edit videos in iMovie, almost becoming a pro. I learned how to add pages to your site and move around in WordPress.

If I had it to do all over again, I would try and go to all of the live Wimba sessions. I only got to attend one and I am extremely sorry. I think going to those sessions prepared with questions about the week’s assignments is the best way to succeed. I learned that I am no longer a procrastinator even though it may not seem like it. I worked very hard to receive the best grades I could. Overall this was an amazing course and I cannot wait to see what is next. Thanks professor, thanks Full Sail.


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