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Dream Outrageous Add

Dream Outrageous Add.


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MixTape Verses

Check out Freestyle verses by Royal Dutchie.


MixTape Verses.

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Dream Outrageous Add

Dream Outrageous Add.

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Gaming and Motivation Plan

Marcus Howling

Gaming and Motivation Lesson Plan

Full Sail University

September 13, 12


Now the games begin. You have selected entrepreneur or entry level work for a start up company. If you are playing by yourself roll the dice and the game will start. For Multi Player Selection you press select to roll dice and highest roll goes first.


When the game starts, there is a selection that says watch short video. 4 minutes of your time will save you some aggravation. Besides, at least 40 percent of you will have to go back and watch anyways.


You will use the space bar to roll the dice. Your mouse will be used to select cards and make your decisions. You also use your mouse to move your character and vehicle.


When the learners enter the game I expect them to have some basic knowledge about Internet Marketing. I want my learners to understand the difference between working for themselves and using the Internet as a way to do business. When they leave they will understand what it takes to build a site compatible with search crawlers. They will know key terminology, how to build and use pay-per-click adds, how to use and develop content, keywords and how to track and implement an effective Internet Marketing Plan.


The short-term victories for the learner are they will have fun and receive satisfaction from the game. Every time you make a correct decision or reach a milestone you receive monetary bonuses. In the long term you are learning information so you will be able to recall it later. You loose yourself in the game and forget you are being taught something in the process. In this lesson operant conditioning is incorporated as bonuses, they help you buy things like houses, property and give you an advantage of hosting parties and events to make money on the side.


You just been fired from your job, now it is time to make a crucial decision. Do you become an entrepreneur, go back to school, or take another job working for someone else? However you choose, Internet Marketing will be involved. You have three choices, Internet Marketing entrepreneur in college, working for a company as an Internet Marketing Specialist, or running your own business.


There is no evil character at the end but there are a few different endings. One, if you chose to be an entrepreneur your business is either upgraded to S-Corp, fortune 500 hundred, or you go bankrupt and loose everything. If you choose to work for someone else in the beginning, at the end you are given a promotion from manager to President or you could be fired.


The computer tracks your progress and decision making by awarding you points and money when you do things right. When you do things wrong, the business you work for looses money and clients. The more money and clients you pick up the better you are doing. If you go bankrupt, get fired, drop out of college, you know you are doing something wrong. But there is a way to drop out of college because you made your first million.


The game can take an hour or two but you can save and pick up later. You can also save different games and play online in case it is hard for you to meet up with friends or classmates. If you want the game to go faster you can let the computer roll for you and move spaces to take some of the downtime out of it. You can also skip travel screens and suggestions to help decrease wait time.

Fun and Motivation:

This game is fun because it gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, or at least see how being your own boss could be better or worse for someone. Also the interactivity of the game and seeing how different decisions affect someone’s life more than others, allows for a real world experience. Points and money in your bank account allow for a sense of achievement and fulfillment. This game relates to Escape Theory because you have the opportunity to leave the real world stress of working for someone else. You are escaping the

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Inspirational Story

(c) 2012 Omastar PMD LLC



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Action Plan Update & Reflection

Capstone Update

Since I implemented my CSC project I have made some progress. I redefined my goals, making my intentions clear. I would like for my audience to learn about the importance of Internet marketing. Many people take this course because they are educators trying to relay information to students. My goals and reasons for taking the course are different. I am still trying to understand the best way to relay my message without disturbing the integrity of the course.

I have not yet achieved the objectives in my original Action Plan. My original objectives were, help me acquire an Internet Marketing/SEO Contract position by convincing you to pay my company for their services. Help me acquire an Internet Marketing/SEO position at a firm willing to pay top dollar. However, I did have someone offer me wholesale real estate services in exchange for Internet marketing tricks. So we are making progress.

I agree that my objectives are not formatted for the common learner but for my learners I believe they are strong. I do believe the changes I made to the beginning of my objectives this month make them even stronger. This is an example of why I am still a little confused on how to cater my project to meet my personal objectives and stay in line with course objectives.

My timeline in month one was still based off the original template, so my project is on track. Everything happen so fast I did not get a chance to change much there. But now that I know exactly what I want to teach, I have a better understanding of how to implement a timeline for an Internet marketing program.

({new timeline} Month one, Researching the competition – Two, defining your industry, brand and keywords- Month three, Internet Marketing –Month four- Internet Marketing Plan )

The only obstacle I encountered was not being an educator. I entered this class with an entrepreneurial state of mind and I had to switch to educator. Surprisingly as I was searching for jobs I saw Internet marketing professor jobs out there. Immediately I got excited and realized exactly what I could create. Needles to say my solution is creating an Internet marketing project I can use to pitch my Internet marketing skills.


There are aspects of the course material I will be using to help enhance my projects. Being able to understand how people learn and how to create media projects based on this information will be valuable for my career.

Continuing from paragraph one, everything I have learned so far is extremely valuable to my CSC project implementation. I will be able to relay information in a learner sensitive fashion. It will not matter if I’m pitching my services to potential clients or lecturing and teaching it to Internet marketing students.

There will be many changes after the DAE course. My goals will change and objectives will be tweaked a little. My over all emphasis will change to an educational affective that will give me an opportunity to meet all my goals. I will also be able to develop a timeline because I have gained a little more focus and understanding of the project.


 Month 1 

  • Researching The Competition
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Keywords
  • Adds

Month 2 

  • Brand Your Company
  • Define your Industry
  • Define your Brand
  • Trademark Logo & Taglines

Month 3

  • Internet Marketing
  • Overview & Principles

Month 4 

  • Internet Marketing Plan


Goal/End Product:

-Create an AdWords account to Identify and research relevant keywords that relate to your business and competition.

Target Audience:

-My learners will be anyone doing business online or trying to drive traffic to a website. More than likely they will own their own business and in most cases be out of high school.


-Show business owners how the company can increase traffic to their website and maximize their return on investment.


-Analyze information and make an educated decision about implementing internet marketing into your business.

-Assess the importance of internet marketing and determine weather or not you should introduce this style of marketing to your business.


  • Computer
  • Google AdWords Account
  • List Of Industry Terms/Products
  • Tablet
  • Pen

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